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  • Monthly Active Users

  • Time Spent/Daily
    30 Mins

  • Gender
    M-78% F-22%

  • Age
    18-45 years

What are my targeting option for Dailyhunt Ad?

Here's how you can reach the right set of potential customers
Reach your customers based on what they like to do.
Reach your target users in a specific state or city.
Demographically target users within your buying target.
Reach specifically male or female audience.

Why choose releaseMyAd to book Ads on Dailyhunt?

Here's why you should choose to directly book your Ads on Dailyhunt via us:

Why should you advertise in Dailyhunt?

Dailyhunt is the most used application for news with 22 million users and 30 billion page views per month. Dailyhunt covers 95% of India’s pin codes in 14 different languages which cover various groups of peoples and serves their users with their preferred reading interests. Because of its pan India coverage and contents are also broadcasted in local languages therefore it's a preferred choice for various brands to advertise here and reach their target audience easily. Dailyhunt gathers a variety of news from all segments and broadcasts it to their users in their preferred language. It also allows personalization and sort topics that the user likes to read and access. The local language news content comes from various towns and districts of India. Dailyhunt comes with many more types of customizations for users' to satisfy the way of reading interests. Dailyhunt also provides an option to share news to different platforms easily plus the users can also read news offline.

Dailyhunt is a popular and widely used platform across. It's an effective medium to turn their users to potential customers for your brand. Brands can try to reach and grab the attention of various people from different regions and target a specific group of audience. It is a widely used platform to advertise and promote your brand, which can help you to get a quality amount of response and fulfil your needs. releaseMyAd helps to simplify the mobile app advertising procedure and help you to advertise with Dailyhunt and set up your campaign as per your requirement. The in-stream and display advertising will help you grow your business by bringing more visibility to your brand.

How can you advertise in Dailyhunt?

Wondering how to go about booking an ad with Dailyhunt via releaseMyAd? Follow these 5 steps and make your ad booking breezy!

1. Select Dailyhunt option from the list of apps on m.releaseMyAd website.

2. Scroll through and check the ad types you want to select for your campaign.

3. Submit the enquiry by filling up your contact details so that we can reach you and help you to set up the campaign & and provide all the details as per your requirement.

4. Once your ad is live check the ad performance with real-time data and live reports provided by releaseMyAd.

5. Optimize your campaign If required, make amends to your campaign for enhanced performance.

Frequently Asked Questions on Dailyhunt through releaseMyAd?

Q.How can I advertise my brand on Dailyhunt?

Ans. Select Dailyhunt from the list of apps from m.releasemyad.com and then select the type of ad you want to go for, and submit your enquiry. We have decades of experience in this field and our experts will get back to you as soon as possible and try to fulfill your requirements and serve your needs.

Q.What are the charges to advertise with Dailyhunt?

Ans. The ad rate is based on cost per spot as well as the creative. Rates vary for every app and our team of experts will provide you suitable rates according to the enquiries received.

Q.What is the booking deadline?

Ans. Make sure to advertise 2 days prior to the launch date of the campaign.

Q.Can I select my target audience with Dailyhunt advertising?

Ans. Yes, you can select the audience you want to advertise.

Q.What types of advertisements can I run on Dailyhunt?

Ans. 1. Content Ads- Integration of branded content into the news feed with the option to add video or image.

2. Display Ads

• Logo Integration- Promote your brand through which your user cares.

• Native Card- A bar at the bottom of the ad which redirects users to more information about the brand.

• Interstitial banner- Full screen media display

• Oreo banner- Ad appears on the second card without interrupting the news story.

Q.How long will it take for my ad to go live?

Ans. Once the campaign is confirmed, it may take 48 hours for the campaign to go live.

Q.What should I do if I am unable to book or do proper planning of my advertisement?

Ans. Submit the enquiry by filling up your contact details so that we can reach you and help you to set up the campaign & and provide all the details as per your requirement.

Q.Do I get discounts?

Ans. The rates are fixed. But you can optimize your cost by altering your creatives.

Q.What are the ad specifications?

Ans. On selecting the app from the list of apps, you have to fill up the enquiry form. Our executives will reach out to you for input specifications like campaign title, brand logo, Ad URL and more to complete the campaign launch.

Q.What should I do if I am unhappy with the launched ad campaign?

Ans. If you are not satisfied with the ad campaign after it is launched, you can choose to pause it.

Q.How can I find out if the campaign is doing well?

Ans. You can check the campaign and consumer performance with real-time data and live reports provided by releaseMyAd.

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